Elite Torrents closed down?



Elite Torrents seems to have been closed down by the FBI in the US and the new site message reads. hxxp://www.elitetorrents.org/


Individuals involved in the operation and use of
the Elite Torrents network are under investigation
for criminal copyright infringement


Could be just their main page was hacked read more here it seems some of the mods on IRC are saying it will be fixed soon ?


From the thread I linked to it seems to be confirmed that ET was DNS hacked so false alarm, I’d say give em time and it should be back up & running.


FBI’s got better things to do with their time and our money (not saying they’re doing them…but they don’t give a rat’s ass about copyright infringement right now).


Well I was sure pissed when I saw that Department of Homeland Security logo on that page. I thought, jeez don’t they have more important things to be doing? I thought they were so shorthanded right now!

This was a pretty good hack if it turns out to be one. :slight_smile:


Looks bad if you look here.


It is true, ET has been shut down.



Agents executed 10 search warrants across the U.S against leading members of the 133,000-member EliteTorrents network.


Slyck have contacted the FBI to ask is it true so we’ll find out I guess, there still under the assumption for the time being it’s been a very elaborate hack & hoax.


Edit:Seem for real saw this posted over at TB

FBI have released a PR and specifically mention ET being closed down.



Looked like a hoax but a very good one at that…
Untill i read the last link


It looks real to me now! Here is the ICE press release.

The last line of the release is what is important to keep in mind:

"The Motion Picture Association of America provided valuable assistance to the investigation.


Once again, we see that the MPAA has a dim view of sharing movies.


unfortunately guess i was wrong…idiots…the lot of 'em…


I didn’t know what to think, but now at least we know for sure. I have been digging around, trying to find outr more about assistant attorney general John C. Richter. Something tells me he is from California hehehe. But, I’ll tell you what, he is busy as hell busting people for all sorts of things! This guy is a worker, so it’s best to be careful on these movie downloads.


has anyone talk to someone from ET on IRC lately to see what was going on? I dont get the screen about the FBI except on there site for there forum.

edit ok I do get it if i got to the main site


damn i made an account therea month ago but thank god i didn’t download or upload anything…


:cool: Good deal Homer!


the story finally made the main stream news. It aint no hoax fella’s, I feel for the lot of them, here’s comes trouble for sure.


I sleep better at night now that I know that Homeland Security is closing down torrent sites and helping the poor wretched Motion Picture Excutives keep hotdogs on their tables rather than completely wasting their time on securing the borders from floods of illegal aliens.



it’s all about the fact that the workprint was stolen and released PRIOR to the official theatrical release of the film which is now a federal crime…

also, lovely DMCA at work: http://www.slyck.com/news.php?story=807


Oh wow I wondered how the Star Wars 3 was out 6 days before it hit the theater!