Elite M DVD+R DL media



Burned a few of these Ricoh fakes (Elite M full face printable tubs of 50) at x8 on my Samsung SH-S223B. Results are not bad for fakes and the Sammie burned them fast, only dropping below x8 at the very beginning and end of the burn. I’m sending this Sammie back because it’s crap with MCC 004 Taiwanese Verbs (of which I have loads), getting the SH-S223C instead which features a Samsung chipset. It’ll be interesting to see how the Samsung controller behaves with these as oposed to the Mediatek one on the 223B.

BTY, my Pioneer BDC-202@1.07EU burns these slowly (x4), but results are great! This Pionner can really work miracles with fakes.

For my scans of these on the Sammie look here:

post #1413 onwards.


look at post #1414 and later. Not a bad result for a fake on the Sammie @x8. My Pionner burns these even better, but only @x4.