Eliminating XP Welcome screen?

I I have a Windows XP computer that basically has only one user, but I am getting the welcome screen each time now after I start the PC. How do I eliminate the welcome screen during the booting up process so it instead goes directly to my desktop?

I use TweakUI for Windows XP (google and download it) and do the following:

  • click on the “+” icon next to Logon
  • click Autologon
  • tick on “Log on automatically at system startup”
  • click Set Password button and enter your password.

If you don’t assign a password during XP install, this will not work so you need to have a password first.

  • Right click on My Computer > Manage
  • Local Users and Groups > Users
  • Right click on your login name > Set Password.

This used to be caused by the installation of .NET Framework via Windows Update.
This also used to be solved automatically with the installation of the .Net Framework Service Pack.
On the systems that I’ve built recently, I noticed that this is no longer corrected by the Service Pack installation and has to be manually corrected on some systems.

Click on [B]Start[/B]>>>>[B]Run[/B].
Type in [B]control userpasswords2[/B].
The account manager will launch, from this you can select the account that you want to log on to automatically and enter any desired passwords that might be pertinent.

Reboot and test when finished.