Eliminating the clicks and pops, how do you do it?


I’ve tried to make a backup copy of a new CD for use in my car.
The copied disc makes click noises and I have read that this is because of copy protection on the master CD.
Can anyone tell me what software is available to download that will eliminate these noises. I have read that this can be done but can’t find where I can obtain the software.

Thanks all

Depends on the protection. You could try EAC for a first try.

Have you tried using AnyDVD to remove the protection?

I’ve used ClonyXXL to identify the copy protection system used. Now looking for a protection remover. I’ll try AnyDVD first. Thanks

u are facing a copy protection, and as u can tell us, it seems to be CDSX000 (Cactus Data shield).
As told above, try EAC, since it is the best tool for non plextor drives. For plextor ones u should check Plextools.

I don’t think AnyDVD or CloneCD first data track avoid option could help u, since CDS uses a fake TOC too, DRM bypass will not be enough.

For pops and clicks u will need to use remastering audio tools, like DART (Digital Audio Restoring Tool). Besides this tool doesn’t support DTS or Dolby among others, it can clean so fine popular clicks and pops like this copy-protection “adds”

Good luck!

Thanks Morglum, I’ll give DART a go.
You are correct, it is Cactus protection that’s on the CD.
I’ve tried CloneCD and AnyDVD with no success.
I’ve also downloaded EAC but haven’t tried anything with it yet.
I’ll post my results when I succeed.

Done it, I simply used a Samsung DVD/RW drive to rip the tracks to .wav on the hard disk, played them to check there were no clicks and then copied each track as a .wav onto CD. Software used was Pinnacle.
Thanks for your help people.