Eliminating mp3 click/pop



There is a click or pop in between songs when I burn an audio CD of a concert split into mp3 files. How do I get rid of that?

If I understand correctly, it is a gap in the mp3 due to the compression process. Is it at the beginning of the file, at the end or both?

I have mp3DirectCut. How much of the file do I snip off?



There is only a gap on the AudioCD between the tracks/songs.
Even if you rip and encode all the tracks alone the player should allow you to listen to the tracks without any gaps…


MP3 is a frame based format so if a song doesn’t end exactly on a frame boundary it gets padded out to the end of the frame. If you want the cleanest result you can use Audacity (or your favorite all purpose audio editor) to convert and cleanup the MP3 before you make the audio CD. Just load the MP3, trim it and clean it up (adjust volume, apply EQ, remove noise, etc.) and save it as WAV. Use that WAV file to make your CD. MP3DirectCut will still have the padded last frame so probably wouldn’t help.


I didn’t have any .mp3s that needed fixing so I couldn’t test this but it is probably worth a try. As olyteddy posted make a backup of what you already have.

Of course, you may well not have the original CD, so it’s perhaps time to fix those files. Firstly, we need to find out of the files are fixable, for which GuerillaSoft’s EncSpot tool is very useful (you only need to download the free version in this case). Browse to the folder where your music is stored, then go to ‘Tools’ and ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Columns’ tab, and then expand ‘General’. Make sure ‘Sync Errors’ is ticked. Now choose the ‘General’ tab and type ’0′ (without quotes) in the ‘Frames to read’ box so that the entire file is scanned. Now, run EncSpot over your music.

Files with no errors (or none that are fixable) will show a 0, but any that have errors and can be fixed will show a number greater than 0. Make a note of these files as these are the files you are going to fix.

Now get a copy of the music player foobar2000 and open these files in it. Stop playback if it has started, and in turn, select each file, right click on it and choose ‘Fix MP3 Header’. Make sure that ‘Rebuild entire stream’ is ticked, and then click OK. This will repair the file, and should allow smooth playback. You may get a few console errors during this time – that’s normal, since it’s notifying you about the sync errors.


I probably should have mentioned that since this is a concert, I am recording “disc at once”, so there is no 2-second gap between songs. Hence, the pop/click is quite distinct.
I snipped off a few milliseconds off the end of each song, and it helped a lot. I was just guessing at how much to snip.
As I said, research has told me this sound is a result of the compression process. But I haven’t been able to find out if its at the beginning of the mp3, the end, or both. Or how long it is.


Did you try what I posted ?
Even if the EncSpot tool shows zero it won’t hurt to “fix” them with foobar2000 .
I must have a newer version of foobar2000 . The instructions are slightly different.
R. click , " Fix VBR MP3 header …" / “Rebuild MP3 stream” .
Then Convert / … / Output format / Add New
Set up like this:

This is the Parameters string I use:
-S -V 0 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ta “%a” --tt “%t” --tg “%m” --tl “%g” --ty “%y” --tn “%n” -m s %s %d

It won’t hurt to try .Just make sure you have a backup copy in case you don’t like the results.


Here’s a screen shot of Audacity with the dead air at the end of an MP3 track highlighted. That’s the part you want to cut off. If I were then going to put it on an Audio CD I would delete (cut) that part off and save the song as a WAV file, ready to author to the audio CD. There will be no further degrading of the audio that way, as the CD authoring program would have changed the MP3 to a WAV anyway. PS: in Audacity, choose ‘Export’ to save as WAV.


I agree a better result might be achieved saving as a .WAV since the OP is burning an Audio CD .
I need to add this to the instructions in my last post:
If you don’t want to Convert then R.click & use
File Operations / Copy to…


Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. I am presently in the process of converting to WAV, then editiing/snipping with Audacity, then burning audio CD with Nero.

I think I spoke to soon in my earlier post, because there were still tiny yet distinct, silent gaps between songs. Before I trimmed mp3s and saved as mp3s, which may have re-created the gaps I just cut out.
So now I’m decompressing to WAVs, then editing. (I didn’t think to edit
mp3s, then save as WAV, as olyteddy suggested; this was the first time use of audacity.)


Save a step, Audacity will load the MP3 directly.


Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, I learned that lesson.

Also learned that I can’t make a disc-at-once without these clicks using mp3DirectCut. I thought I had made seamless mp3 discs and converted WAV discs using that tool before, but apparently not. Audicity worked the best. I may try the utility that cholla suggested sometime in the future.


I get clicks when making MP3s as well. I think it’s from the original material (WAVs) however, when played in the cd player, due to digital removal of clicks as in 2+?=5 thus ?=3 there isnt any. but on the pc, you hear the scratched or missing or clicked sounds as it just plays thru without any corrections.

try it. play a scratched cd in the cd player, and then rip and play in mp3 player or pc.