Eliminating dual audio playback on video file



I have downloaded a video. I want to burn it to a DVD, but the problem is it has dual audio. The audio portion is both English and Russian. They play at the same time when you press play. I want to eliminate the Russian audio so I can burn the video to a DVD with just English dialog. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. ~John~:confused:


Check your source with MediaInfo, if it only has one audio track then you’re out of luck. If it has two audio tracks then you should be able to demux it and choose which one to use. This is the gamble you take with downloaded videos (all legal of course… :wink: )




What type of video file is it now, avi, mpeg, mov, vob, etc.? What video editing/conversion software do you have?


It is an “AVI” file


If there are two different audio streams you should be able to remove one of them using AviDemux or Virtualdub. If there is only one audio stream…well, you are SOL (simply outta luck).