Eliminating commercials

Hi ,
I would like to know how to get rid of the commercials at the beginning
of almost every dvd I’ve seen. Which files am I supposed to select in the movie only window?
The reason why I’m asking is because I’ve had a lot of problems burning them.
Practically the dvd stops after the main menu (language selection) appears.
Then when I select “dvd menu”, it skips all the commercials and goes straight to the movie menu. I figured the problem might be the dvds I’m using.

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Try using ifoedit95 and vobrator
For more info: www.doom9.org

I’m using an iMac .

I may be confused but, of course, if you just go the movie only route, you eliminate all of those extras. If you want to keep some extras and eliminate others, you have a lot more work. Good luck