Eliminating Auto Loading Programs

Roxio, U Lead, AnyDVD, ATI and other programs are auto loading and bringing my boot to a crawl. I prefer to load the programs when I want to. I’ve looked in several of the “Start-UP” folders and can not find the link that sets up the auto load. Where are these things hiding? I want to edit (delete) some of the auto load programs rather than having to exit them to free memory when I do intensive video stuff.

goto run and type msconfig - you should see a tab for things set to run at startup.

Thanks for the response. There is no “msconfig” file. I tried in run and also did a search for it. I should have mentioned I am running Windows 2K.

It’s true that msconfig doesn’t come with Windows 2000. Although it doesn’t come with it, it can be used (copy msconfig.exe from a Windows XP box, or download it from the net) without a single problem.

Besides that, you can do this manually by editing the registry by deleting items from the key called “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run”, and removing items from the program group called “startup”

Good luck :slight_smile:

Found “Startup.exe” at netsquirell.com and it works great. Also downloaded the MSCONFIG from for Win2k at “perfectdrivers.com”.

I appreciate your responses


you can also use regclean to clear startup entries (makes it easier) and you can clean your registry. Hence the name:)