Elgin Dvd+r D/l ?!

Hy folks.

Anybody has used elgin dvds to burn xbox 360 games?
I need know, because they are with nice price here in my city, and i can’t find Verbatim. My x360 has Samsung drive (woks nice with Verbatim, Memorex dvds).
So, it’s a good choice?

[ ]'s…

PS. Sorry for my english

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I expected nothing else…


[QUOTE=chef;1931556]I expected nothing else…


But, does anybody burns x360 games?

[QUOTE=orakulo;1931643]But, does anybody burns x360 games?[/QUOTE]

FIRST you have to successfully backup them.

HOW would you manage that? :doh:

Sorry i made a mistake.
The question is:

Anybody burns x360 games yet, in these dvd’s?

Sorry for my english :wink:

I wouldn’t touch those discs even if they were given to me.