Elen Degeneres Is An Idiot

I’m not buying this whole wah wah i’m gonna emotionally break down on national tv about a dog crap. Way to try and cover your ass: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x38lfe_crying-ellen-degeneres-comedy-versi_news

Maybe people will now stop watching her show but most people like watching a person make an idiot of themselves.

I got the impression she was an idiot long before this dog episode.

She is a dork, whoever she is.

Yeah, was never impressed by her in any way. I usually avoid typecasting people, but I must say this 'episode is proof positive her last name of “Degeneres” seems to indicate what’s happening to her brain. :eek:

All a publicity stunt – she’s been out of the news for a while… this puts her back in the spotlight.

Didn’t she have a stupid sitcom about 10years ago?
And darn she’s ugly! If you met her in a dark alley, you could mistake her for a bloke …