Elementary Firmware Question

I just upgraded my firmware using the Windows from the Dangerous Brothers web site. This firmware unlocked the DVD-rip speed. It has increased the speed from 2x-5x to 3x - 8x, so this is a noticeable improvement.

However, this has not opened the drive up for faster burn speeds.

Three easy questions:

  1. Can I assume correctly that this windows flasher with firmware 1.06 does not open up extra write speeds and only opens up the read/rip speed?

  2. Can someone give me DIRECT link to a version that opens up both the rip speed and the write speed?

  3. is there a Windows flasher utility that can be used to flash my drive with the firmware from question #2? The windows utility I found does not allow you to change the firmware - it’s already built into the flasher itself and cant be changed.


Originally posted by partybob99
However, this has not opened the drive up for faster burn speeds.

There is no firmware that does this for the NEC ND-2500A.

Wait a minute, I thought there have are people on this site burning DVDs at 6X or 8X and the only way to get that performance is load the hacked firmware. How are they doing it then?

6x: Use Ricoh DVD+R 4x media
8x: Use TY DVD+R, DVD-R 4x, or MCC DVD-R 4x.

Maybe you’re reading posts by Pioneer DVR-107D users. There is a hacked firmware for that drive that lets you burn any DVD-R disc at 8x