Elektra dvd trouble ripping

im just wondering if any one is haveing problems ripping this moive ive try dvd shrink beth 5 and 3.2 neather get past 40% also tryed vob blanker and i cant get shirnk to load it once on the hdd and ive got clonedvd but it says This DVD is copy-procteded and wont let me use it :a if any one knows a prog to use to backup this moive plz post a link to it thnx


im trying that right now :slight_smile: what do i do after its done do i have to shrink it or something or will it fit on dvd-5 from ther ? its takeing forever to rip to hdd :frowning:

Yes, assuming you ripped the entire dvd contents to a folder on your hdd, then open Shrink, choose to “open files” and point it to the folder you ripped to, and it will look just like the dvd itself. Hope this helps.

well just used dvd dycpter got it on the hdd but still no luck dvd shrink wont read it says theres a bad vts_6_6vob file and cloncecd2 wont read it says its a bad allocation well im stumped must be some new protactions there makeing for the new moives :frowning:

Elektra region 1 full screen…Ripped with the NEWEST DVDDecrypter to hd in FILE mode in 9:47, Opened Shrink and in 4 min it was on my HD ( movie only) ready to burn with Copy to DVD.

my DVDDecrypter is probly out of date got a link to the newest version ? i will look on download.com for it as well

NOTE just got off afterdawn.com this seems to be doing the trick had a new pop box about a protaction on it i belive this will work this time :slight_smile:

Why not get it from the source?


Or even easier “help/check for updates”

It’s mirrored on several servers to distribute load away from just one server.

Yeah, and all the mirrors are listed on the author’s site. Seems like the safest way to find it to me.

yeah i got it now and ripped the moive just fine both elektra and spanglish :slight_smile:

You automatically assume that this is what the author wants, how do you know? but why not get the current info and mirror selectin from the source too?

To the original poster

Why not just use DVD43 (Removes all/most DVD protections) with DVDShrink 3.2 to rip/compress the movie without adding another step?

Just a thought.

what the heck is DVD43 and is it free and were do i get it from

Sorry, I thought the author wanted to indicate the main download site rather than the mirror the original poster mentioned. :slight_smile: