Electrical sparks

ok, so… when i try to plug in an usb hub into my motherboard, i see
electrical sparks, like the whole backpanel of my motherboard is electrified

i’d like to know how to fix this, and is it in any way dangerous for the motherboard/pc components and the hub as well?

mb is asus k8v-mx sound and video integrated


Take extremely care. Electrical sparks can permanently damage your motherboard and other components. Do not try to connect this USB hub anymore. This USB hub may have a short circuit in it. Try to RMA this USB hub.

is this a powered hub? any sparks when you plug normal usb devices into your machine? does the hub work properly?

gordon, whats RMA? and yes this hub has it’s own power supply and it does work properly, only when i try to plug the usb into the motherboard even if i only touch the backpanel of the motherboard with the usb cable i see electrical sparks, small ones but still sparks, and the backpanel is hot to the touch,

and i dont think it’s coz of the hub coz i got 3 hubs all brand new and all get el. sparks
from the backpanel

RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization.
Is it still under warranty?

If all the hubs do sparks, then I believe your mobo is defective.

You’ll also want to use a mains outlet with earth/ground connection for your PC.

i am using an outlet with earth/ground connections.

i tried something new and i realize going over with an usb cable over the
backplate of the pc case (not the backpanel of the mobo) also gives me sparks!!! kinda freaky

That may be a sign of a serious fault in the power supply of the computer. I suggest you get it checked out by a professional.

If you have a voltmeter available, check from the PC case to ground, sounds like it could be live, so use extreme care.

If you are not confident with electricals, then turn it off, unplug and take it to someone who can test it.

May also be worth using a plug in tester on the socket, as it could be a wiring fault.

The case may be live, and you may end up NOT!