Electric or Soap and Scrape?



Starting a new job Monday, and it requires I shave daily. :Z . I know there has to be at least a couple clean cut guys on this forum, so I’m asking: Electric or Soap and Scrape? If Electric make, style and model please. This is something I haven’t done on a regular basis for years, and I want it as quick and painless as can be…:cool: :confused:


Do you need to shave your face only, or did you get a job as a porn star? :bigsmile:

I prefer Gilette Mach 3 + soap myself.

And I’ve had at least three different, expensive, electric razors, but in my opinion they don’t work as well, or at least not within the same time frame as using a manual razor.


Lately i’m quite fond of the Gilette Fusion (so soap and scrape). It’s one of the best i tested. Before that i had a Philips electric cordless.

Unfortunately for me nothing really works good. No hair growing on my left cheek, so right cheek compensates by growing hair 3 times too fast. I don’t mind, since i’m not the one looking at it daily.


I have both but the scrape does the best job.For times when a quick touch up will do the the electric is convenient.
My regular razor is a old double edge.Too avoid confusion by those the think this is a twin edge .Younger generation that probably have never used a double edge.
A double edge has a single blade edge on each side of the razor.


I use a Bowie knife. I haven’t shaved in 30 years because of it.



I prefer Gilette Mach 3 + soap myself.


[I]only have to shave my legs and armpits[/I] :bigsmile:

[B]Warning [/B]Dont ever let a lady get hold of your Razer
you will feel it the next day :flower:


I have a cheap Norelco triple head electric razor. I wouldn’t really recommend it though…seems to be cheaply made and clogs up quickly, so you have to clean it out virtually every time you use it.

My beard is so light I can get away with an electric razor instead of blades.


I’ve never used Zathros method of the Bowie knife or any other knife.
I’ve always wanted to see how a strait edge razor would work.I just didn’t want to make the investment if I wasn’t satisfied after I tried it.A good one costs a bit not counting the extras to keep it sharp.I don’t really want to borrow someone elses.
I have two electric one Norelco I sure is similar to Kerry56’s & a Remington microscreen.Both have their pluses & minuses.
If used regularly thr Remington shaves closer but doesn’t like much growth.It will pull some whiskers out after a couple of days not shaving.The norelco is a lot more forgiving about this.



Panasonic wet/dry cordless electric for quick touchups - good old Gillette twin disposables from Costco for the really close/good shaves-eh!!


Congrats olyteddy !
Soap and Scrape is the only way to go. Electric is for kiddies with peach fuzz.:bigsmile:


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2500504]Starting a new job Monday…[/QUOTE] I was wondering about your new job, and now I found the answer:

Olyteddy’s new job

Congratulations! :cop:


For me:
Nuthin’ beats a blade w/shaving cream.
I use a shearer for my beard set to cut it short, but when my shearer finally wore out, I started using the dog shearer & have been doing so since.
(I like the commercial ads @ the top of this page…
…they have both bases covered.)


[QUOTE=diane7;2500610][I]only have to shave my legs and armpits[/I] :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Well…soap and scrape or electric, Di? The question still applies to ladies IMO. :bigsmile:

Gillette Venus Breeze here - try it, it’ll make your face smell very nice. :bigsmile:

No need for a separate razor + gel either. :cool:

Oh, and congrats on the new job :flower: