Elby/Slysoft Relationship

In the latest SLYSOFT update to CloneCD 2004-09-16 there is a change history entry that says :-

- Change: no longer accepts elby keycodes
elby Customers may contact SlySoft support for a special
upgrade offer

Does this mean that CLONECD purchased from Slysoft or Elby will now become separate/different products?

Does this mean the relationship between the companies isn’t as close as I thought it was?

If I purchased ANYDVD and CLONECD (like I did back in the “old” days) from Slysoft and CLONEDVD from Elby I appear to be in the best/safest position for new features moving forward…would you agree?



I think you are getting confused between programs…

CloneCD that has just been updated, that was bought out by Slysoft from Elby a year ago, has now decided finally after version 5, for all those people who bought CloneCD when it belonged to Elby will not be able to use their serial number anymore. They will instead have to contact SLysoft to get an special priced key. When you bought CloneCD in Elby’s time you were given a serial number and username you copy and pasted into a box. Now however, with Slysoft it is in the form of an electronic key, that inserts itself into the registry. This is now considered more secure and safer, so Slysoft are trying to remove the function of physically entering a number. Also Under Elby’s reign we officially only got one years worth of updates, however being the guy Olli is, this was never the case and version after version we were allowed to keep updating. Slysoft’s stance (and quite rightly so) is that you get one years upgrades and that’s it. In the period when Clonecd wasn’t being developed but still bought by people there was a changeover period that Slysoft gave their customers, so they could utilise their years free updates.

Now as for the other program, CloneDVD, that is a seperate program from Elby, owned by ELby but can also be bought in bundles with AnyDVD on the Slysoft website.

CloneCD and CloneDVD are two totally seperate programs designed for different things. CLoneCD is owned by Slysoft and CloneDVD is owned by Elby.

Does this mean that CLONECD purchased from Slysoft or Elby
This is where you are getting confused because you cannot buy CloneCD from Elby since a year now, Only CloneDVD.


You are so good in explaining this stuff!

One las note: Those, who buy/bought a CloneCD license from SlySoft, get officially lifetime free updates, as said here:


Please keep in mind that the free updates isn’t necessary free in your (the person that purchased the license) lifetime, they are only free as long as the company is the same as the one you purchased the software from. Lets hope Elby don’t buy CloneCD back. :slight_smile:

Well… sorry Olli, you have always been one of my favourites :bow: (Clone Clinic and all that jazz), but I just couldn’t resist this. I’ve got great value for my money, before my ‘lifetime’ Elby license suddenly expired, so I gladly renewed it at slysoft, but some people might got jammed.

Cheers Olli, i’ve been in this game for a long time now! Didn’t know about the lifetime support now given. Glad to see that’s returned.

Olli never really gave us free lifetime support, only unofficially, so we were kind of spoilt. Now we expect it, but i’m glad to see Slysoft have taken a similar approach.

when i bough a boxed edition of clonecd 4 of amazon.co.uk (must have been a few years ago, it was just when it came out) i was still able to upgrade it to newer versions for aslong as it was with elby, once slysoft bought it i could no longer upgrade it :sad:

ps. olli are you still actually working on clonecd, or has a slysoft programer added the SafeDisc 3 copying functions?

That´s wrong !!

The first customers got officially lifetime support (version 1.xxx)

The price of the first version was higher and you got lifetime support untill clonecd was “sold” to slysoft (btw. i am still thinking that i were tricked :wink: )

Okay i used it a lot and it did a lot for the money but let’s see when it will be sold again :wink:

Olli will be able to clarify that better.

does olli still program clonecd?

no but we are talking about the point when Olli did program it.

Oh, dear… do I have to?

Once upon a time, there was a guy who did CloneCD. CloneCD was released in November 1999.
He had a tiny little company in Germany which called itself “Elaborate Bytes, Oliver Kastl”.
CloneCD always had 1 year of free updates, but from Version 1 to version 2 the price dropped (69,- USD to 49,- USD, AFAIR).
Because he didn’t want, that all the customers who paid 69 bucks get really pissed, the guy said: Hey, you trusty fellows, you will get a lifetime of free updates! (Meaning from him, of course… he couldn’t predict the things, that happened…).

Then came Macrovision and started to tease this guy. They managed to shut down his ugly white & green Website (hosted in the U.S.A., stupid!) and wrote a lot of scary letters with scary threats.
Then came Sony and started to argue, that “CloneCD violates one of their patents”. The reason: If CloneCD is able to copy a patented Sony copy protection, it allows the CloneCD customer to break Sony’s patent.
Sounded ridiculous, but became pretty serious after a short while.

The guy managed to get away from Macrovision & Sony, but was really scared. And he forgot to charge for updates.
He was searching for someone to buy CloneCD. Ahead was interested, but the Macrovision & Sony struggle scared them away.

Then came a clever swiss guy and said: “I buy your stuff for a lot of money!
I am in Switzerland, and I don’t care about Sony or anybody.”
The guy liked this a lot - he was a little afraid of legal stuff, as he was personally liable, and he had responsibility for his family - and sold the stuff to the swissman, who founded the company “Elaborate Bytes AG” (Corporation) in Switzerland.
So CloneCD was sold the first time in the year 2002 to Elaborate Bytes AG, including all rights, trademarks, sheeps, etc.

CloneCD stayed with Elaborate Bytes AG until September 2003.
Still, nobody was ever charged for an update!
Compare this with other companies…
Imagine this - no update charge from PowerDVD 2 until 4! Or think about WinDVD, even worse… Or Windows 98, ME to XP! Nero?
I think this was a fair deal!

Due to the legal change in Europe, Elaborate Bytes AG considered to sell CloneCD. SlySoft bought CloneCD, and they accepted the obligation to honor the “1 year free updates” for elby customers, which they did.

Of course, SlySoft doesn’t care what the original guy promised in the year 2000 to his customers. But they offer a 15 USD discount for all previous CloneCD owners, which I find reasonable.
It was very stupid, that they didn’t offer it for elby customers with licenses older than one year directly after the takeover. It is bad marketing to p*ss off your potential customers! :slight_smile:
I believe they realised their mistake, because they offer the discount for all of their products, in case some “die hard clonecd addict” has already renewed his license, he/she can now get a cheap AnyDVD/CloneDVD license. Not a bad deal, and not bad products either.

SlySoft offers “a lifetime” free updates. Okay, you people say “if they sell it back to elby, we’re screwed again…”
Sure. But why would they do this? I believe they are quite happy with their purchase. And what is a lifetime? If a manufacturer goes bankrupt - whoops! gone are your update rights. You can’t even get one, if you want to!
Latest example: 321 Studios. Whoops, gone forever.
If the product is no longer sold, the “life” of the product ends. No more updates.
IMHO a period of 3-4 years of constant free updates is pretty much a “lifetime” for a Software product. Hey, this is the sofwate industry, the majority of products is sold for 6-12 months, maximum!
Nobody can predict what will happen to BlindWrite, if the EUCD strikes in France. Maybe they want to sell it to SlySoft? (Does VSO give lifetime free updates? I dunno…)

And Jan-Willem (or anyone else), please don’t put this little fairy tale in your news section, or post it anywhere else. Thank you!
(I am writing this, because if I babble something remotely interesting, I find my babble in the news section… how embarrassing! :eek: )

Nice post Olli but I have my own tin foiled hat ideas about you and Slysoft. Especially considering who owns Slysoft and some of things that you and others have posted about CloneCD. :eek:

Nice story, but the question is, who is behind of all these companys ?

Are they more than letterbox companys ?

Anyway it is like it is and i think i won´t change it :slight_smile:

So buy it or not, everybodys own decision. :confused:

Well i admire greatly your honesty Olli, thanks for the clarification!

I agree also with the subsequent posts as well, we all have our own beliefs on the situation…

personally I always thought the name “slysoft” was a pretty good indicator of what the relationship is. LOL