Elby CloneDVD2 cutting off a small episode

Hello guys,

Although I’m a newbie here, but have search several topics to get an answer to my question but failed. :frowning: Hope you’ll help me.

I’ve got CloneDVD and a dvd with a movie.
I want to copy this DVD to another disk and cutt of an episode (~5 seconds) in the moddle of the film. I was told that cloneDVD is an ideal tool for that. Indeed, everything is fine except one thing, when i press on the “scissors” icon under the display, I cannot set mark in and mark out point, I can select nothing! It seems so that there is no such functionality there in
Could you please advice on this? Or may be you could send me, i heard it works there!

Anyway, thanks in advance!

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After clicking the scissors, you must drag either end of the marker underneath the start, pause button to choose the chapters to be selected.
However with CloneDVD2, you can only cut entire chapters, and will not likely be able to select 5 seconds from the middle of a movie.
This feature in Clone is more usefull for splitting a large movie to 2 disks,eliminating the problem of poor quality do to compressing a lot of data onto a single DVD5 disk.
To blank or remove precise segements, you need a tool like VobBlanker, that has the ability to precisly remove or blank a vob or cell from within a vob

Thanks Sockeye,

Will I need to recode my VOB to process it via VobBlanker? And will I need to reauthor my DVD to get the entire film back to the DVD disk?

DVD Shrink will also allow cutting out precisely where you wish. Top do this use the ‘reauthor’ mode and select the feature you to edit. Thr symbol with left/right arrows between two vertical line will activate the editing menu. This is primarily used for ‘splitting’ large movies to avoid compression quality loss. It can also be used to remove sections as you wish to do.

You can begin with VobBlanker, to remove unwanted material, or use it after you create a backup file to hd with CloneDVD2. I find easier to start with CloneDVD2, if I’m backing up movie only, with menus preserved.
Clone is fast and efficient, at removing the majority of unwanted material.
If the original file is larger than 4.7 gigabytes, choosing a custom output file size, that moves the quality meter to 100%, initially with Clone, will allow you use VobBlanker to remove any unwanted material that Clone did not take out.
When you create a file that is satisfactory, transcode it to DVD5 with Clone.
With this method, your finished file will have the the least amount of compression, and completly fill the single layer disk.
Through out the process, you can view the files with PowerDVD, or similar software to ensure you have created the backup file you desire, before burning to a DVD disk.