Elby CloneDVD Released!

Yes it only happens with CloneDVD2. Did it to Chuck44 and i with v Don’t know for sure as to which program it is QSuite or CloneDVD2. Since there hasn’t been an update for CloneDVD2 in ages prior i think it’s QSuite. I have yet to see anyone with the problem that does NOT have QSuite installed. I did a clean install of XP Pro (not an image) and loaded everything back and now no problem but Chuck44 says that’s not an option. It’s all there in the thread i posted. If you have any ideas i’m sure Chuck44 would like to know.

is there anyway to get

Might still be here:


Is Slysoft and Elby the same company in 2 different countries?
Elby’s CloneDVD had the same “Wrong button size in output selection pane” revision as Slysoft’s CloneDVD mobile. Makes me think the same programmers wrote both programs.

If they are the same company, is the split due to legalities in different countries?

Love the programs, had CloneDVD, CloneCD and AnyDvd already and just added the mobile into the mix. Great deal getting the key for the mobile… $15 off regular price … cool!


Elby (a swiss based company) original write CloneCD and CloneDVD2 (I am not sure if they original had AnyDVD, but the original author of CloneCD had a big part to play in AnyDVD anyway).

Due to the new laws passed in Europe, it was no longer legal to sell CloneCD and AnyDVD!! So a new company -Slysoft- based in Antigua now sells all 3 products. But you can still buy CloneDVD2 from Elby if you want.

I tryed to overwrite with the previous version but it still says I tryed burning a disc with solid burn on and got the ring on the dye side and then turned solid burn off and got a perfect backup. I think the conflict is with QSuites Solid burn and CloneDVD2 I am going to do more testing.

This has nothing to do with buffer under run or DMA settings. I burned a disc with solid burn on option #2 extra and menus and got the ring on the disc. (MCC004) Then burned the same disc with option 1 (main movie only) solid burn off and got a perfect backup. I don’t know whats going on but I do know that I did not have this problem with the previous version. It might be AnyDVD new version or Clone2DVD new version but I never had these problems with the BenQ 1655 before I updated both of these programs. More testing now.

If you are going backwards in versions, I think you have to uninstall instead of install over. (Key saved to diskette?) Seem to remember it doesn’t work. But as I said, I don’t think it is by itself, that is the problem. Besides you’ve got to be able to stay current. I’d uninstall/reinstall completely now that you tried to overwrite and it failed.

Noticed you just posted to me while i was writing this. Reading it now.

Well you seem sure of what you are doing, so go to it (the testing). Gotta go to work now but will check back in tonight.

The thing about XP changing your DMA settings: you can be unaware that it happened till you check Device Manager. Watch BenQ for sudden firmware updates that might resolve the issue.

At least if Option #1 works, all you have to do is manualy select what you want included. Until you figure out the conflict. Maybe some “auto” feature of some program kicking in while you are burning? AV, firewall, auto update from some program. I’ve got no experience with QSuites.

Completely unistalled and reinstalled from the sight posted and it is the version. I am going to try and burn again, with and without QSuite.

last check in and post before going to work: You might try to completely uninstall QSuite and then reinstall over itself, yet again. Because even if Q is not visibly running, elements of Q can still be active in Windows Services or Q Registry entries could be conflicting with functionality.

The latest theory I have points to hardware problems. I had a different issue this AM when I was doing further testing and I seem to have suffered from a bad 1620 and a bad pair of molex connections at exactly the same time as I installed Given that science expects you to only change one variable at a time when you are testing, this was certainly an unfortunate coincidence.

So far, with new connections, the new version looks good. As to why I never could get the old version to exhibit any problems with the same connections, I am in the dark. But, excluding any possible conflict from the two programs together in different directories, which has never been a problem before, it looks like my difficulties were hardware.

That would make alot of sense. I did uninstall QSuite, and I did reinstall again. I used Ala’s solid burn feature in CD-DVD Speed and still no luck, just funny that with solid burn off everything is fine with it on there is a conflict at 3.5 gig, probably as the speed turns to 12X, but I can’t figure out why it just happens with Clone2DVD and not my other backup programs.