Yet another controversial thread started by me, haveacigar. Someone sent me an email of this and it gave me a giggle, so lets see what happens.

What you have to do is try to write your screen name, but with your elbows. You are not allowed to erase afterwards.

Ill start

h\azv eaciigar

not too bad i think :wink:


:bigsmile: *i used one elbow :wink:

                                                                                                                                                                                                             |    |/ _|__| ____ |  | _\_   _____/  
      |      < |  |/ ___\|  |/ /|    __)    
      |    |  \|  \  \___|    < |     \     
 _____|____|__ \__|\___  >__|_ \\___  /_____
/_____/       \/       \/     \/    \/_____/                                                                                                                                                  

I`m that good :rolleyes: :disagree:


written with left elbow only :bigsmile:


Written with my right elbow …

jnamerse4de va

Typed on laptop with right elbow!!

tried typing it with my nose but I keep rebooting the laptop :bigsmile:

LMAO :bigsmile:

Have you tryied with a kipper too? :stuck_out_tongue:

No but there are other things I thought of but on second thoughts, noooooooooo!!!


was gonna do it with my tongue but I might electrocute myself !!!

LMAO :bigsmile:

Have you truied with toes too?


That is YES, done with toes !!!




written with my tongue


WOW!!! Left elbowed even:D


that was with my chin

kickf rocks

written with my nose :stuck_out_tongue: