Elaborate Bytes updates website - T-shirts and suprise

I just posted the article Elaborate Bytes updates website - T-shirts and suprise.

We haven’t heard a long time from Elaborate Bytes, Elby for short.

The developers of CloneCD lead by our beloved Olli seemed to appeared from the recording industry, but a recent update of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4778-Elaborate-Bytes-updates-website---T-shirts-and-suprise.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4778-Elaborate-Bytes-updates-website---T-shirts-and-suprise.html)

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Oooh, a t-shirt…! :r

Yes, and CloneDVD

rotflmfao yeah this wasnt exactly what i was looking for to :r

CloneDVD isn’t there yet… Coming soon it says.

Why hasn’t there been an update on CloneCD since July 2002?

Maybe there hasn’t been an update because he has a life unlike most of you. He doesn’t sit around on his PC all day surfing. He actually gets out and socializes. Maybe that’s a clue for all you guys to get off your asses and stop staring at your monitors all day waiting for a software update.

lli seemed to appeared from the rec --> seemed to disappeared from… ? :slight_smile:

No way… :slight_smile: Not worth the $$$ for a t-shirt… Nero would be nice…

How come there’s always some lame person assuming he/she knows anything about any of us, yet feels the need to put someone down so they can feel better about themselves. They talk about needing to get a life, sheesh!

Probably because just about everyone downloads it for free and then uses a keygen to register it. Maybe he’s been forced to work somewhere else for money.

“Clone Attack!” he he… Maybe all those who use a keygen for CloneCD should buy a T-shirt :slight_smile: