Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD 2 official release is out

I just posted the article Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD 2 official release is out.

SamuriHL and BoSkin used our news submit to tell us “Looks like the official CloneDVD 2 release is now out. Enjoy!” Visit the CloneDVD 2 page for more information about this…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7980-Elaborate-Bytes-CloneDVD-2-official-release-2_0_4_1-is-out.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7980-Elaborate-Bytes-CloneDVD-2-official-release-2_0_4_1-is-out.html)

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! I love it and the virtual drive is back. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes :stuck_out_tongue:

“the virtual drive is back” It’s been back since 2004 02 18

Yeah, too bad slysoft got rid of virtual CD drive, but as long as you upgrade it stays.

I tested out the preview when it was available and I have to say the picture quality was such a vast improvment over version 1. Truly an amazing product.

Someone has been smoking some serious crack if they think that 50 bucks is an acceptable price point. I can get Nero Ultra for less than that.
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This is with out a doubt worth the money the picture is super, the quality is so good. Clone DVD is the way to go

Very good product. We must buy to support it.

Why’d anyone use CloneCD/DVD’s virtual drive when there’s the freeware Daemon Tools that works much better? I used to use Elby’s virtual drive until I realized that it doesn’t work on a number of image formats (not to mention its tendency to crash my system…)

I tried to burn a DVD, but all it keeps telling me is that I have to put in a blank DVD in drive G. And yes, there is a blank disc in that drive…

This is awesome news.

I tried it out on several dvd’s tonight and I think it rocks. I’ve been using the preview since it came out and this seems a little bit quicker and the quality is definitely improved over the 1.x versions. I would definitely recommend giving this a try.

I compared Elby’s CloneDVD v2.0 with InstantCopy v8.05, DVD2one 1.40 and InterVideo DVD Copy v2.0. The result is that CloneDVD doesn’t produces good results as I expected. The best image quality is produced by InstantCopy. 2nd place is DVD2one. 3rd/4th CloneDVD or DVD Copy. I tested it with Bad Boys 2 and made several screen shots from same frames. The result is very clear… test it !!! :c Plus: internal burn engine & very easy to handle. Minus: image quality relative to IC & DVD2one.
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I Do not believe that at all iv done a back up of some of my DVDs and I can’t tell the original from the copy with Clone DVD 2.0

l@@k - mr. elaborate bytes has made us all very happy in the past - if they want to charge $50 for the product, let them & pay it. it gives them incentive to keep modifying the app. think about how many times this program will need to me updated & move with the ever changing dvd things happening…dvd-a; dual layer, etc…this company has proven wise over the years over & over again - we, of all people must support them (him)…

well said :slight_smile: