Elaborate Bytes and CD Freaks launch Euro-copyrights.org website

I just posted the article Elaborate Bytes and CD Freaks launch Euro-copyrights.org website.

8th of June 2004 '“ A collaboration between the Free University of Amsterdam,
academic authors from different EU Member States, RankOne Media Group (the
people behind…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8465-Elaborate-Bytes-and-CD-Freaks-launch-Euro-copyrights_org-website.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8465-Elaborate-Bytes-and-CD-Freaks-launch-Euro-copyrights_org-website.html)

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Indeed a nice, move. One needs to know his enemy to beat him. :d However I can’t say I go buy the rules, when It comes to backup my legally obtained CD’s/DVD’s.:S

added to my favorites ty

hmm… I still don’t know about the national law in Austria or if this law has got already implemented or not and if not when it will get implemented… Can somebody this please answer? But what I must say that I completely hate this law… I mean what is the sense of making a backup if I am only allowed to make a backup if I need to “overgo” copy protection on it? I mean that’s stupid… nowadays this means that you are not allowed to backup anything… :r

Perhaps they go Microsoft way, everything you buy is not really your property. The thing you really purchased is the right to work/view the product, not the physical product itself.

This is the way copyright law works in most countries. For music/movies/applications, you only own the physical medium and packaging. You purchase a LICENSE to use/view it. It really annoys me when I see MPAA crap saying that “downloading movies is like stealing from a store”. How can I steal something that I could never own?
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