Ejecting the cd-tray - automatic closing again?!

Ok… Finally got my liteOn 40125s flashed to Zs0k.

Though i don’t think it has anything to do with the flashing my drive automatically closes the cd tray when I have ejected it. If Nero ejects it after a succesful burn - it stays out just as it is supposed to do, but when I use the eject button it closes again.

It’s quiet funny i have to grab it quickly, and after a litlle wrestling I win and it stays out. Well, anybody knows a solution?

I had a very similar problem with my Sony (Lite-On) drive. I got it to stop doing it by pulling the drawer all the way out while it was opening (and empty). As the drawer was opening I pulled on it until it was all the way out, and it stayed out. Seemed to work fine after I did this a couple of times.

It sounds like the tray position sensor is flaky. The drive thinks the tray has been jammed against something or is stuck, so it tries to bring the tray back in.

I also had this problem with my lite-on only it was software.

This will only work if you have a via chipset

Go look in device manager and if it says that you have a scsi hard-drive and scsi cd burner even if they are not.

If so this is a feature of the VIA drivers that caused this problem for me. TO fix it go download the latest IDE only VIA driver and when it askes whether to install in turbo or something similar to that make sure you dont select it as that put the drive as scsi to apparantly mae it faster.

This worked for me

What kind of motherboard do you have? I have a via chipset and I installed the drivers in turbo mode and I have had no problems.

Seen this sometimes, but it have always been software related.

Is there any apps that is trying to read from the disc or something?