Ejecting problems

hey all, i m having a problem where sometimes my plextor 40/12/40A will not eject my cd. is this a common problem or do i have something wierd. is there any way to force eject them. there is a little hole (paper clip) that i thought would be the force eject , but it makes really bad noises and does a clunk clunk if i try to use it. would love to hear your suggestions. thanks

A non-ejecting drive is not normal. It could be that some software has locked your drive though. Which software are you using and does the problem occur every time or only under certain circumstances? The eject hole on the drive can be used to force the drive to open its tray. You should however only do this when your computer has been switched off. When your computer and thus Plextor drive are on and there’s a disc in the drive you will hear the clunking noise.

i was using easy cd 5, but i just reformated and am now using Oak. it seems to occur pretty randomly. sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. onece i restart though, it will open no problem. who knows, it doesn’t really happen enough to be a major problem, but it is really annoying.

Easy CD Creator 5 is not the best software on the planet… I would recommend Nero Burning Rom anytime. What operating system are you using? In Windows XP it’s recommended to disable the native burning support.

i am using windows xp, i am not sure what you mean when you say disable the native burning support.


Windows XP has a built-in write engine that can cause some problems sometimes. It’s therefore recommended to disable it when you don’t use it.

thanks for the tip, i’ll give it a shot. maybe that will work the quirks out. i appreciate youe help.:bigsmile: