Eject inhibit after "erase"?

After invoking “erase” from recordnow max 4.5, and
after the disc gets a quick erase, the cd tray will not
respond to software command to “open”.

Is there a “cdtray LOCKOUT” that gets invoked, and
how do I overcome that.

There are several software programs out there to
open and close the tray - one I use most is wizmo,
and it works well until after I use recordnow max
4.5 to erase a disc.

If anyone knows anything about the software
involved that could be inhibiting the normal
response to the software command to open
the tray. please resond. There is also an icon
under recordnow max 4.5’s main window that
usually opens the tray, but, after doing an
erase, it will not function.

I usually have to reboot to overcome it, but,
I also notice that if I manually remove the disk,
and manually close the tray, then, sometimes
the software commands start working again.

Very confused,


Try downloading and using DVDInfoPro to erase the disc and see if the problem still happens. If the tray ejects then RN is doing something to cause the problem.

dvdinfopro is also blocked, when the condition occurs.

The curious thing is: Normally, if I just start up (win2000)
and then I insert a +RW disc with a movie, close powerdvd
(which comes up auto), copy the +RW to the harddrive,
then, I go to recordnow max 4.5 and ERASE the +RW,
which is really fast and makes the disc ready for more
use in the liteon 5001. What normally happens with
ths scenario is that the cd tray opens automatically
after the erase is complete - I think recordnow max
does this automatically. If it does, then the lockout
condition does not occur, and I go along as normal.

Sometimes, and I just haven’t been able to get the exact
cause yet, after the ERASE function, the cd tray doesn’t
open automatically. The erase function DOES complete,
and the +RW is ready for re-use, but, the cd tray
just doesn’t open. When that happens, I now know
I am in cd-eject-lockout. I have to press the open button
on the unit (liteon 451s), and then the lockout is
released and all is back to normal.

This is not really serious, just confounding.

I suspect there is some low-level function where
the cd-tray activity can be “locked”, and somehow
it gets set somehow and then you have to physically
press the tray button.

Just another PC mystery.