Eizo Nanao to Launch 36.4-inch 4K2K LCD Monitor

[B]Eizo Nanao Corp announced a 36.4-inch LCD monitor whose pixel count is 4,096 x 2,160 or “4K x 2K” June 20, 2011.

The company plans to release the monitor, “DuraVision FDH3601,” Sept 7, 2011, in Japan. Though there is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price, it will be sold for Â¥2.88 million (approx US$35,915) at the company’s online store.

The monitor uses white LEDs for its backlight source. The brightness of the monitor is 700cd/cm2. It can display about 1,073.74 million colors (10 bits for each of the red, green and blue colors). Its contrast ratio is 1,000:1, and its view angle is 176%deg; both vertically and horizontally.

Equipped with a human presence sensor, the monitor has a function to automatically turn off the power when the user is away. Its normal and maximum power consumptions are 350W and 162W, respectively. [/B]

Link: http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20110621/192745/


At 36", you’ll need a magnifying glass to make out that much resolution. A 1920x1080 movie will look like a postage stamp. :rolleyes:

I was laughing at the $36,000 dollar price tag.