Eircom launches DRM-free music 75% cheaper than iTunes

As part of enforcing the controversial 3-strikes agreement by the Irish telecom operator Eircom in a settlement it made with the record labels, they have also launched a new online music download store called Eircom MusicHub.

Interestingly, unlike any legal online music provider I’ve seen so far, their downloads work out as little as 33c/song from the major record labels, unlike iTunes which charges about 4 times this price in Ireland. On the other hand, this is based on being an existing Eircom broadband customer and purchasing their €13/month subscription which includes 40 DRM-free tracks per month.

The tracks are encoded in AAC+ at 128kbps. Members can also stream an unlimited number of tracks from its 4 million song library.

I’m curious to see how well this catches on, as it seems to be the next best thing to the Russian’s AllTunes service that run into legal issues.

Further information can be read in the source Silicon Republic story.