Eighteen people arrested in England for piracy, more raids today

I just posted the article Eighteen people arrested in England for piracy, more raids today.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that last Sunday eighteen
people were arrested in England for piracy.
In a joint anti-piracy operation involving BPI, FACT and ELSPA,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7382-Eighteen-people-arrested-in-England-for-piracy-more-raids-today.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7382-Eighteen-people-arrested-in-England-for-piracy-more-raids-today.html)

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This make’s me laugh there are people out there doing a lot more wrong then this like killing people and everything and they waste time doing crap like this make’s me sick. why don’t they do something real get out there and clean the streets up make it a safer place for kids to play. all i got to say is if they don’t want people copying DVD’S and CD’S lower the price’s or make them so people Can Not copy Them

I remember a news story, where man was jailed for murder and release a year later The police have better things to do with their time than save private companies’ profits

Man we live in a crazy world. Too many backhanders that go to govt’s from these companies ensure that action will be taken as seen from the above. Kill, beat, rape, asault but whatever you do don’t even think about copying & selling a DVD! :r

What it comes down is money killers, murderers, and rapist dont bring the state abnd countries any money via taxes. Software, movies, and entertainment goods do so hence that is why they crack people down, its like tax evation you are penalized more harshly to not pay for taxes versus killing someone in cold blood. :r either way you end up someones biotch… :stuck_out_tongue:

I really dont care about.but those guys had a big time theft going-almost 20 millions$$…And you are defending it…People like that are reason why people cant share music on kazaa…Also,everytime piracy topic comes on cdfreaks you are quoting how much money they make…whats up with that…are you jelaus??If its that easy…everybody would be music producer-singer…whatever:(

they never said they had a $20 million dollar piracy ring going on they just said they had 20 million in software. Hell that could be maya 1.0 (hey they could be counting estimated retail value as of last centery) copied 200 times or something. They could of just been selling off a little table on there street corner for all you know. They never give enough detail in these reports to ever make a full concious response to the situation. That is why you never hear responses from piraters cause its buisness controlled and that is why you hear murders talk all the freaking time on 20 different tv stations telling people how they are sorry for what they did. Since murder doesn’t take away millions of dollars (hell it probly increases spending since kids will enherit money and of course spend it friviously (i am bad at spelling) so why not kill a few people in name of the econemy?) why stop them? Pirates are more evil to these capitlist idiots then saddam or osama is. 1 blank cd is like 2 nukes to cap’s. Yes i know i am following the captilistic fundemental’s by purchasing stuff that i don’t need but hey i have to survive in this simple minded world we live in

What gets me is how people can compare killing and rape to pirating anyway. Bottom line is if your stupid enough to get caught you deserve to be big bubbas jail bitch.

The figures quoted are always the retail cost of any films/albums/software. And it is common knowledge that in the UK the figures are often made up and just plucked outta the air anyways to make the guys doing the busts seem like big heros for the consumer.

your right you Can Not compare this to killing But they need to get there priorities Right there is a lot more other shit going on what need’s to come be for going to get the pirates. this is just a load of old crap and like I said if they don’t want no one to copy there CD’S DVD’s then they should make a better Copy Protection

People like this, who make a profit (pretty good profit at that), are the ones who make it out so that every little teenager who downloads a song from Kazaa is out to be thing multi-million dollar “thief.” This is the type of piracy that should be stopped, not the ones that people do on their owns, and especially not the ones where people rent a DVD and make a copy. In the end, it costs about $6 to do that, and some of that $4 for the rental had to make its way back to the MPAA.