Eight percent of people watching illegal video

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A recent survey indicates eight percent of consumers located in the United Kingdom, United States, France and Germany illegally download movies and other video content through the Internet.


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16086-Eight-percent-of-people-watching-illegal-video.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16086-Eight-percent-of-people-watching-illegal-video.html)

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Stop the drama go after the software makers that make it for free and advertise to use it saying it’s legal.

The software to which you refer is for format conversion. It should be legal for me to rip my CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays/whatever for use on any device I see fit. The recording industries are trying to dictate to consumers what rights they should and shouldn’t have, which as far as I’m concerned is not for them to decide.

No I am referring to thise torrents and PSP software makers. Get the source and not the public as the source is the true issue not the end user.

If your talking TV programs here then guilty as charged. Nothing is worse than wait months, years or never in my country for some US or UK programs…

Somehow this 8% really strikes me as lower than what it actually is … then again i might be hanging around with the wrong people :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’d have to say it’s closer to 50 percent.

All I know is I just bought a Sylvania iPod Touch knockoff at Future Shop for $70 plus tax (so $79). It’s nowhere near as slick as the Touch, but the AC/DC MP3s I threw on sound awesome and I just ripped and converted Pitch Black and threw that on. Looks great. Nobody tells me what to do with the music or movies that I buy. If they try then that’s when Duke fires up his bittorrent program and punishes them. The golden rule is don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Do you need 12 guys with MBAs on the company payroll to figure that out?

BitTorrent is a perfectly legal P2P system widely used for mass distribution of content.

You can’t attack the source.

Until I met my best girl friend, she had no clue we could download whole movies.

Believe me, there are waaaaay more people unaware of this stuff than the opposite. The funny thing is, they are making so much noise about it in the medias that more and more become aware of the system and start using it.

It’s backfiring at the copyright holders asses faster than the speed of light. They will never stop it.

Only 8% ?
I think more like 38% …

You could be right; hell i suppose that 99% of people over 40 does not even use computers, let alone P2P technology.

The biggest draw to illegal sources of television is the fact that they are commercial free. Even before downloading TV shows became widespread, commercial revenues were down for TV companies and to compensate they increase the amount of commercial per hour. I think a one hour program now runs around 42 minutes, almost 1/3 commercials. If they’re weren’t as many commercials (maybe like the 60’s when there were less than 10 minutes), people would be able to tolerate them alot more.
Also as a Canadian I am blocked from most legal forms to watch tv online. Because of different distribution rights, the nice high quality (sometimes in HD) streams the major us networks offer, are blocked from Canada. The versions the Canadian stations stream (if they bother) are very low quality and painful to watch.
Another problem is the cost of cable tv. I think cable tv used to just take satellite signals and pass them one to people out of reach of OTA signals. Now they have to pay licensing fees to the tv stations for broadcase their commercialzed tv. Its lame. Huge cable bills to watch tv with commercials.
I really do think they are pushing people away from tv, allthough the one thing that would be hard to replace are live sports games, as they are better watched live.

Well nothing is going to change until these companies figure out a business model that is more appealing than just downloading off p2p or usenet. The main problem is their content just isn’t worth what they seem to want to think it’s worth.

If the big companies would just make the content easily available, for a reasonable cost, and with no content copy restrictions so you could use it on all your devices, people would be paying to download it from them. Make it too expensive, to difficult or make them wait too long, and they will find other ways of getting it. It is human nature.