Eight Media:which buy?

I have read a lot of threads,and finally I bought Nec 3500 ND. :slight_smile:
I’ve passed the free time in the last week reading about a good and economic media for my Nec,and I am very confused. :confused:
I’ve made a list of media I’ve found that seems interesting and cheap.I am sure you’ve tried a lot of dvd-r,and I hope you can help me :sad:
In my newbie opinion I think the best could be TDK,Datawrite and Bulkpaq.
I haven’t undestand what a “Reprint Blue” is.

DVD-R 4,7 GB TDK 4x Speed printable in Cakebox 25-pack
euro 9.99

  1. DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) Professional 4x non printed Spindle 100-pack
    Media code/Mfr ID INFODISC-R01


2)DVD+R 4,7 GB A-Grade Reprint Blue 8x Speed in Cakebox 50-pack
17,99 euro


  1. DVD-R 4,7 GB Hyundai 4x
    euro 7.29

Media code/Mfr ID SKC Co.,Ltd.


4)DVD-R 4,7 GB Bulkpaq 4x-8x Speed printable in Cakebox 25-pack
euro 8.79
Media code/Mfr ID : ProdiscS03


5)DVD-R 4,7 GB Bulkpaq-CMC 8x Speed printable in Cakebox 25-pack
8,99 euro
Media code/Mfr ID CMC MAG. AE1


6)DVD-R 4,7 GB Datawrite-CMC 8x printable Inkjet 25-pack
euro 10.99
Media code/Mfr ID CMC MAG. AE1


  1. DVD-R 4,7 GB Datawrite 4x Spindle 25-pack
    euro 7.49
    Media code/Mfr ID AN35


  1. DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) Bulkpaq 4x printed Spindle 25-pack
    euro 7.49
    Media code/Mfr ID INFOSMART0


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Non of this media is worth buying in my opinion :slight_smile: It’s better to give some more cash and have less problems…

quikee2 is right thats soom prity poor media you have selected go for these http://www.nierle4.com/s01.php?sid=PG001003467400267583702675837026&shopid=s01&cur=eur&sp=en&ag=1&os=1&br=1&pp=aa&bnr=2318
and don`t forget crap in = crap out.

Yep… RICOHJPNR01 is a lot better than all this… and with a price of 0.5€/DVD :wink:

Thank you very much…
I though TDK was very good,almost the best!!! … I am confused:TDK are crap??? :confused:
Ok for 0.5€/dvd I have found
1)DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G05 A-Grade 8x Speed printable Inkjet 50-pack
24.99 €
Media code/Mfr ID RITEKG05

2)DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G04 A-Grade 4x Speed printable Inkjet 25-pack
Media code/Mfr ID RITEK G04

DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G04-Ridisc 4x Speed A-Grade 50-pack
Media code/Mfr ID RITEK G04

DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) TDK-Ridisc 8x Speed A-Grade 25-pack
Media code/Mfr ID TDK / TTG02 (TDK is crap?)

Could you tell me what to buy?I have read a lot of messages and I’ve read that Ritek G05 and Ritek G04 are good with Nec 3500
Thank you for helping !!! :slight_smile:

Acko shows you +R. Why -R?
DVD+R with DVD-ROM bitset gives the most compatibilty, unless your player can only read -R.

The TDK DVD-R should be good.
Unfortuantely “RiDisc” brand can be lower quality in some cases (B or lower grade).

If you want to go with Ritek media, it’s best to purchase genuine Conrexx media such as Traxdata brand.

Are you telling me that R+ written with biset is the best?Thank you for the info,I am absolutely newbie,It’s exciting to discover new things

I’ve got the NEC 2500 & the Ritek G04/5 produce an excellent quality burn & I would expect the 3500 to do the same. Be warned that the G05’s might not burn at 8x in the 3500 as on another forum someone has posted saying that they only burn at 4x.

NEC have a recommended media list for all their DVD writers at http://www.de.nec.de./softwareoverview2.php/id/557 . Don’t worry about the .de it’s in english

Thank you very much for infos,I was just looking for the differences between r05 and r04:it looks they are very appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

its impossible to say that +R with bitsetting will work best for you, i think you are best to try it first, but i and many others prefer +R over -R. i dont need to use bitsetting as all my discs work ok if you have a problem with +R format then bitsetting to dvd-rom will make them as compatable as - discs if not more so.

The Test result for the Datawrite - CMC Mag AE1 is not bad on the NEC 3500 - out of the original list, they look ok - the cheaper Bulkpaq CMC Mag AE1 may end up the same, or may be worse.

Out of the originals again, the TDK 4x look genuine, and ought to be a good 4x burn if they won’t overspeed to more.
I don’t trust Ridisc TDK - I’d suspect it to be a “fake” code.

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Are you telling me that R+ written with biset is the best?Thank you for the info,I am absolutely newbie,It’s exciting to discover new things

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In addition to Acko, visit http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers to check whether your dvdplayer can play +R, -R or both. Most newer dvdplayer can take both though. I still say +R with bitset is better. I only see one post that someone discover one player cannot play +R bitset.

Thank you for the informations.I think at this time the best thing is test test and test :slight_smile: so I have a budget with a friend to make it.
I think Ridisc TDK are genuine because in this site I have seen that the fake TY are clearly marked as “Not original TY” :I think this is a great thing. :iagree:
The Ridisc TDK are good with Nec 3500?Are better than the others?I am seriosely considering your opinions here,and at this moment I will take one cake of 25 pcs of:TDK 4x, Datawrite-CMC 8x ,Ritek G05.I still can take some more cakes.
Thank you!

Ok,now everything is more clear :iagree:
I have read a lot in this hours about bisetting:I don’t have a stand alone dvd player,and my friends have last generation dvd,so in my humble opinion,r- could be ok for everything…please,correct me if I’ve wrote something wrong. :slight_smile:
I haven’t undestand if using dvdr- there are problems with backup discs for PS2 and XboX:I don’t have it but probably in the future I’ll buy it.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The problems with chep media brands like Bulkpaq and Datawrite, are the quality can be variable, a good test now is no certainty of the lifespan you’d expect from a more acclaimed example of that media code, and they may also change the code, or use several different codes on the same “type”.

If you’re burning discs for PS2, DVD-R might work better than DVD+R in some cases (older PS2 models can only play DVD-R and not DVD+R). I have no idea about Xbox.

Just to add to reptile’s comment about Xbox. Certainly the original versions would not recognise +R disks, not sure about current ones though.

Ok thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ve found the greatest media for a good price:
DVD + R 4,7 GB Platinum 8x
edia code/Mfr ID RICOHJPNR02 oder CMC MAG E01 *

I’ve read a lot of messages about RICOHJPN R02 :do you think is a good choice?

Well the grade A blue disc’s

2)DVD+R 4,7 GB A-Grade Reprint Blue 8x Speed in Cakebox 50-pack
17,99 euro


are really a gamble.
In a spindle there is all sorts of CMC manufactured 8x media. (FUJIFILM, MCC, TDK, CMC)
Now the real problem for this one is that you don’t know what your get you might have a spindle which is mostly MCC while the next is filled with all 4 them.
No problem would some people say. Well that’s only no problem as long as your drive supports all these codes fine. However most drives will probally burn 2 codes very good and the other is a question. So this really is a gamble.
However I have seen lucky people getting a full spindle of very good MCC mid coded disc’s this way.
So this is a only a option if your burner doesn’t care what you put in.

Platinum is ok. Don’t expect the best Ricoh/RITEK /CMC disc’s in it. But still the media should work fine when normally used.(Overspeeding seems most times to make the media more problematic as other Ricoh/Ritek/CMC disc’s)
Also it might nice first if your drive both likes RICOH and CMC media.
The Ricoh’s it probally will but the CMC’s (since you probally can not return Platinum disc’s if your drive does not like the MID.)

Hyundai is infosmart crap media. Stay away from this.