Eidos: Game-DVDs in the battle against piracy

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kingloui used our newssubmit to tell us that Chip.de reports that Eidos wants to release all their games on DVD by the year 2003. Chip.de reports the following, manually translated from…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4214-Eidos-Game-DVDs-in-the-battle-against-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4214-Eidos-Game-DVDs-in-the-battle-against-piracy.html)

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Good job Eidos. Piracy is killing the industry. But then again warez groups like Razor, Fairlight and Deviance can just rip the game and make it a 3 disc game. So it would not make a lot difference.

Can you say CloneDVD? I’m sure Ollie has a DVD program in the works. Well at least I hope he does. By the time Eidos comes out with all their games on DVD’s the market will flooded with lower cost DVD burner’s & everyone that backed up their old stuff on CD-r’s will be doing the same with DVD’s.

Hmmm… lets see here: About 80% of PC Games fit on 1 650-700meg CD. SoF2 fit on 2CDs BUT the game was only 1.1gigs installed (less than a quarter of a 4.7gig DVD). Gabriel Knight (one of the largest PC games at 5-7 CDs) would use DVD but most well-designed games DO NOT need even 2 CDs! DVDing would be useful for advertising other forthcoming offerings (via interactive anims) by the same game company. Nevertheless, even with all the Speech, Music, Sfxs, textures, and main game data most common-sense packaged and designed games will not exceed 700megs installed! Even if they did they’d only fit on less than a quarter DVD. I should know: I package games and its funny to see the damn holes in the code! Soo much fluff and unoptimization its sick! So in all… DVD = Re-packagable Common-Sense Game minus all the advertising crap! Only large Adventure Games (ie. the QUEST series or Full Throttle 2) need apply.

Then again piracy is a problem but its the stupid specs the companys put on there gaes that are killing the industry and eidos are one of the biggest culprits for hugh specs.

Its all crap look at the ps2 and the xbox scene people are still able to make dvd iso release and at the time of 2003 dvd writers and their media will be a lot cheaper then now…

If a game has low spec most likely it will look like crap on a nice system when compared to a a game with high minimum specs. Why should the people that buy the good hardware have to get less of a product because people want to run games on PII systems with Voodoo2’s? C’mon a 3 year old PC is old and you can upgrade to a better one relatively cheaply nowadays

go ahead and let them rls it, on with the dvd era…I want them to be lowered in price :wink:

ever heard of dvd burners oh and dinzy not everyone is made of money so why should they miss out when a game or proggy can be made to run on most things just because you think a couple or so thousand dollars aint much lots of people struggle to buy there first comp not have to just bin it cause you want better they have to feed there kids and put them through school and pay morgages do you? :9

i would love to see what Championship Manager is like :slight_smile: maybe you will be able to watch the matches and see streakers on the pitch WAHOOOO :wink:

Damn SPC, if that wasn’t a whiny complaint. Upgrading your computer shouldn’t cost you much at all. A good chunck of 256 ram is under $100 bucks now a days, every graphics card besides a fully loaded GF4 is under $200 and a processor upgrade can be extremely cheap. You’re looking at under $500 to give your PC a complete over-haul. And in most cases adding that 256mb of ram will give you that performance you desire. If not a cheap $100 GF4mx will solve any other performance issues. So perhaps instead of claiming that dinzy’s intent was to force everyone to spend $2000 (which isn’t high end might I add… high end is the $4000 I put into mine), perhaps the reason you stugle with house payments and college kids is because you don’t know how to manage a buck. It seems you like to rush into decisions without knowing average prices or even what you need, but rather assume getting a computer up to par means throwing out your old one and starting completely over.

jab 1 you got it wrong boy big time i dont have a problem upgrading i sell the shit but you for got theres more than just you in this world i was talking about thousands of people that would be affected an as for your upgrade you forgot to mention that its not just your cheap graghics gard or your 256mbs ram its just about everything as if you can put a 478 pin processor in p2 or 3 M/B no you cant so theres another couple hundred dollars and ram well youll probable need ddr so throw away your old shit and dvd well 4gig plus data need some bigger and faster drives hey well just think before you leap why should anyones property be rendered usles just because corps want force you into buying more of there shit because they want to be millonaires 10 times over plus just because your lucky enough to have only your self to worry about dont go thinking everyones a winger because some company wants render millions of systems useless for there own benifit. and i have no trouble managing my bucks pal ive probable got a lot more than you but doest mean im going to race of and wast it :8

oh and jab not everyone is luck enough to beable to upgrade parts in there systems they have to bring it in and PAY people like me to do it and in most cases there advised to just buy a new system because its cheaper in the long run and its obvious you are a loner because you got no idea what its like to have a family to take care of so stick that in your pipe and smoke it you lame sook:9

Also these stupid americans think everywhere is the same price as them a gefarce 4 in the uk is 300 pounds about $450.