Eh75v directv missing channels guide

I’m new to this forum. Looking for help with a panasonic EH75V connected to my directv DVR. I’m happily using it to record and copy, and the guide has finally been created. Unfortunately, some of the channels that I get with directv are not listed in the guide. Specifically I am missed the NFL channel, which I dearly would like to record as my cable friends cannot get this channel. Is there a way to input a channel number so that I can record from my directv dvr to the EH75V. Right now the only way I can do this is to record to the dvr then watch the show/game while recording to the eh75v, and then I can record on a DVD. Can anyone suggest a better way? While I like football, I don’t really want to watch a game twice :slight_smile:

Yes, I know what you mean about the missing channels. For instance, my TV Guide listings still doesn’t have ESPN2 (ch. 209).

I’m sure you have figure it out by now, but you can simply use the manual record feature in the “scheduler” & punch in the missing channel number.