EH65 doesn't recognise DVD-RAM

I recently got a DVD burner so I could copy my TV recordings to DVD-R. This has worked well so far. However, one DVD-RAM that I dubbed off can no longer be used in my Panasonic DMR-E65 recorder. When I put it in, the recorder goes into a shutdown-restart loop. After about 4 or 5 times, I can coax it into letting me have the disk back. All I did to the DVD-RAM was copy the .VROs off it using TMPGEnc.

I’m hesitant to try another DVD-RAM in my PC in case it goes pear-shaped as well. And at NZ$10 per disk I don’t want to try yet.

If I do a full format of the DVD-RAM in my PC using UDF2.0 will the recorder then recognise it as blank and offer to format it?

Ok, well after some digging around these forums and over at AVForums, it would appear that there is a incompatibility bug between Panasonic 3x DVD-RAM disks and LG DVD burners.

The solutions seem to be:
a) get another DVD burner
b) get a separate DVD READER that can handle DVD-RAM
c) DON’T use Panasonic disks (use TDK, Memorex etc)

Option C is the simplest, but I just trekked through the city streets in bone-shaking southerly winds and not a single shop sells DVD-RAM disks. Given that I only got my LG burner a few days ago, I am within my RMA window so I might just simply return it and get a different brand drive.

Not true AFAIK, I do this very stuff all the time. Sounds more like a driver issue.

With Panasonic brand disks though? I don’t see how it can be a driver issue when people report success with other brands like TDK or Memorex.

It’s almost impossible in the USA to get anything other than Panasonic-made 3x RAM discs. 5x is Maxell-made. I use them all with no trouble at all, and so do the majority of people.

I’m going to get an Asus 1608P3S and see how that does.

Just a quick note. The Asus had the same problem. So I went out and scoured the city for a non-Panasonic DVD-RAM disk. I ended up finding an Imation 9.45GB disk. It worked perfectly. I could copy recorded TV to my PC and then reuse the disk in the recorder without out any problems.

So my money is on the Panasonic media being the cause of all these problems.