EFM writers

Is the Sony CRX1750U/A2 USB 2 Drive a
EFM writer?

Check out this page.

According to elby the A1 has two sheeps so it is EFM capable. I dont know about the A2 model, but my guess is that it is :wink:

Also if you got the CD writer:

Download the following to check to see if your writer supports correct EFM writing:

To test SafeDisc 2.0 Weak Sectors:

To test SafeDisc 2.51 Weak Sectors:

How to use:
Unzip the files to any folder, and write it using CCD, once the images are written, try to copy the file on the disc that you just created (there is only one file on the disc), if copying that file is a success, that means your writer is capable of doing correct EFM, if not, that means that your writer is not writing correct EFM and may not burn safedisc 2 games.

Here’s my results:

Writer: MITSUMI 4804TE 3.0D
CCD Copy Results: OK
Copying From CD: Failed , Crashed Windows ( Trying To Load Disc )
EFM Status: NO

Hope that helps :wink:

I don’t think the Sony USB 2.0 drive supports Correct EFM…if I’m right it’s still produced by sony and not Lite-On.