EFM explained - It's that sheep thing

I just posted the article EFM explained - It’s that sheep thing.

If you are into CloneCD and have tried to backup recently released games, you might have found out that the CloneCD website is reporting about “EFM encoding” and the supported drive list, lists…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4053-EFM-explained---Its-that-sheep-thing.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4053-EFM-explained---Its-that-sheep-thing.html)

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Glad to see my Plexy does the biz!!! Though I never doubted it for a second - coz they’re always top class drives and work with anything. Even ‘unplayable in PC’ CD’s like Celine’s.

look again, plexy doesnt do the biz it only has 1 sheep = almost correct efm, 2 sheeps = correct efm

Well done!!! I’d already spotted that - but absolute perfection? I’m not after that… I just know it does the job and bloody excellent it is too. I’ve had no failures and the sound I get and copies I make are perfect. No-one is going to get absolute perfection - it isn’t possible. And I suppose your drive is the super duper fancy dan Lite-On? If it is and you get those results then GREAT - I really mean it. All I’m saying is that I’m more than happy with what I’ve got and I looked into all this before I bought it so the sheep aren’t a big thing for me. Keep smiling : perfection is only a dream and will remain tantalisingly just out of everyones reach. :4

Look i dont want to get into a fight but I do have a Plextor 24/10/40a thats how i know it wasnt perfect for clone cd efm etc Plextor do make exceptionally reliable drives, a friend of mine has a liteon and had problems from day 1 and waited 6 weeks to get it sorted.

I have had my Lite-On 40x12x40 (no o/c) for almost a month now with absolutely no problems. I love this sucker, it is SO much faster than my OLD Mitsumi 4x8 :slight_smile: