EFM encoding

This function is for backuping the known protection of Macro.
But, Has it another useful functions for the recording quality?

I don’t think so…
Atleast I’ve never seen any difference in recordings made with my fully EFM compatible LiteOn 32x and my other burner…

I’s sure it’s supposed to have some affect on the final recording, but what it is I don’t know.

each sequence of 8 bit is modulated to a bitstream of 14 bits (Eight to Fourteen Modulation = EFM). This means that each sequence of 8 bits is translated to 14 bits just before it is written on the cd

Some protections like SafeDisc 2.51 use tricks that fool your EFM-modulator, so you can’t write the ‘weak sectors’.

But, Have it any good purpose over recording quality?