eFilm Archival Gold

I have been quite a freak sometime ago and done a lot of research on these forum to find the best CD-R Media. A friend of mine who do know about this emailed me a link today:


What you guys think of this? Any experienced them? I don’t want to start a thread of a very best cd-r media… but I guess since last year, thing has evolved and especially in CD-R Media field.

Well if it really last 300 years, it will be good enough for us at less… :wink:

certainly looks like some serious stuff, but 300 years? badly burned cdr’s that might be readable after the burn degrade much faster it would be good to see how those gold discs handle poor burns and if they can decrease the time of degredation in comparison to a standard cdr. But with the cheap price of cdr and the price drop of dvd media its cheaper to simply re-burn ageing cd’s and or dvd’s

Maybe it is cheaper in term of cost of the media. For me it is not a big issue… but re-burn everything for let’s say my girlfriend who burn a lot of anime, movie, etc. (Some hundred CDs). If I had to do that… I will think it is a long task. And then you don’t wnat to do this each 2 years :wink: You want to do it when it is aging… and when to know that? :wink: Especially if a CD lay around for 2 years in the box or 5… etc. Archive Data does not mean you will use the CD each year even…

If you dont want to have to reburn every two years then i suggest you check each burn and only keep the disc if the error rates are of a certain amount, id be more concerned about scratch resistance and ware and tear resistance over say 10 years of heavy useage rather than for it to last 300 years (with light useage), soon (probably within 10 years) we’ll be on to holodiscs etc and cdr will be in the same category as vinyl, imo

They emphasise very often in their press release that they use a “Phthalocyanine” dye, which is supposed to guarantee longevity in combination with gold reflective layer. Phthalocyanine dye is a Mitsui Toatsu invention, and Mitsui used to (and MAM-E still does) advertise their gold CD media (with a gold reflective layer also) with similar slogans (300 years)…

Today, Phthalocyanine dye is used by most CD-R manufacturers (including cheap brands like CMC and Ritek), so that’s absolutely nothing unusual. In contrast to the statements in the press release, Azo (used by Mitsubishi) and Cyanine (e.g. used by Taiyo Yuden) dyes are more rare today than Phthalocyanine. And gold as the reflective layer is pretty old also (Kodak and Mitsui Gold).

Don’t listen to marketing slogans, everything written in their press release is old and nothing unusual. And you most probably can get better media at a much lower price (e.g. by Taiyo Yuden).


A Buck Thirty-Six each for CD-R’s!!!

You can buy FIVE Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s for that!!!

Doubt that the company or any users will be around 300 years from now…

BTW the Taiyo Yuden web site says that their CD-R’s are good for 100 years…


You have the found them.

Online, what is the best quality/price. Where? :wink: If you have multiple reference I’m gonna keep them. I’m in Canada/Quebec if someone want to give a shoot about location, but I think online give more choice.