EFI /UEFI compatibility

VeloSSD including version is not UEFI native boot compatible.

Beginning with version we support EFI / UEFI native boot.

So caching a boot volume on a computer with UEFI firmware works then. Release Date will be in February 2013.

Please do not use older Versions of VeloSSD on a EFI / UEFI computer, we will not support that, it is not recommended.

That should explain it for the 8.01 bios version of the Lenovo Y580.

Will wait for the update then. Fingers crossed.

The update 2.1 from March 20 2013 supports UEFI native boot.

Am i reading the truth?

I am willing to test it on my EUFI bios with dual booting into Windows XP

I just installed it on my system and it launched.
It also restarted and worked!

(the trial)

will by it sometime.