Effing micro$oft



I just saw that on the front page, about m$ and that school. Man that just pisses me off. Especially when billy-boy saif\d that microshaft was going to donate to schools, bastards

Just my opinion


Yeah right i agree how nasty that is if you think about it! You have underfunded schools that can’t afford mulitiple copies of Office or whatever and then when they install it just more than once on more than 1 machine they get BUSTED, and as a result they can be fined or even put in Jail! This is well out of order! How are students supposed to learn if they can’t even get the software?? M$ say they hav student discounts BUT they are still really high in pirce, they should be free so schools can run far better!!! I think M$ really needs to solve the problem before someone takes them to COURT AGAIN for the MONOPOLY they most obivsouly HAVE NOW over EVERYTHING, i bet u can’t even take a shit now without them knowing
(sort it out M$)


DAmn aint the truth. M$ does have educational prices(like for instance - you get a discount on the evaluation shit). I agree that they do need to straighten out their slimy business practices.
Look at the old lady that got sued and the government ruled in her favor. I am starting to get annopyed with the whole idea of microshaft


Yah but it would still cost loads to equip a whole school with Windows + Programs even at educational costs.


to ChicaneWeaver:

Yeah, you´re right man!!!



No concience at all
Microsoft likes to thinks money isn’t everthing money is thé only thing.