EFF warns about new legislation to cripple net & satellite radio

I just posted the article EFF warns about new legislation to cripple net & satellite radio.

 Digital  satellite radio as well as streaming Internet radio are two very practical ways  of expanding one's choice of radio stations, since they can cover a very large  geographic area. ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11786-EFF-warns-about-new-legislation-to-cripple-net--satellite-radio-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11786-EFF-warns-about-new-legislation-to-cripple-net--satellite-radio-.html)

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soon everybody will be forced to just read books for fun, and even then they will probably come out with a reading tax or something. The way things are going soon we will have air breathing charges. Some freedom!!!

"This would be like TiVo increasing their monthly subscription and then disabling the fast forward / rewind controls. " Give it time. It will happen trust me.

Pay good people, pay!!! Wanna listen to music for free and be able to record on the top of it? Naive desire…the people supplying the stuff just see another business oportunity, and they are there for the money, not to make you happy…ok, they make you happy, but at a cost (for you). We need air, wather and food to survive. We need something to dress and to protect us, as home… but they consider you also “have a vital need” in the consumption of every piece of crap they sell. If this goes on too far, maybe we re-discover "the sound of sound"again…maybe we re-discover the show of nature and its sounds… It is a pleasure listening to music and watching a good movie, but we don’t need to buy every file or disc they wanna sell.

Sorry, please read “the sound of silence” instead of “sound of sound”. Obviously.