EFF sues Sony BMG for damage by SunnComm, First4Internet

I just posted the article EFF sues Sony BMG for damage by SunnComm, First4Internet.

  Liggy used our news submit to tell us that the Electronic Frontier Foundation along with two  other prominent national class action law firms, have  filed suit against Sony BMG. They are...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11161-EFF-sues-Sony-BMG-for-damage-by-SunnComm-First4Internet.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11161-EFF-sues-Sony-BMG-for-damage-by-SunnComm-First4Internet.html)

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Excellent! Go EFF! Someone has got to defend our rights. I suggest we send them a donation now to help out. I am.

free software foundation should also sue first1internet for violating gpl license agreements & there should be a criminal investiation against sony for whether sony new about the gpl license violations or not. sony has caused tons of problems since betamax era for consumers

“EFF Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl, “Between the privacy invasions and computer security issues inherent in these technologies, companies should consider whether the damage done to consumer trust and their own public image is worth its scant protection.”” Man I love this guy!!! :d This is the crux of the whole issue! This DRM does not work anyway? Why bother with it. Look at the list of XCP “protected” music on the file sharing networks. Then couple this to the PR nightmare it hasd created any FOOL would drop this nonsense.

Hmm, all these law suits hitting SONY BMG, and since they had a listed trading loss in '04, they have a probability of sinking this company in it’s current incantation! Financial papers lodged in '04, show that SONY HQ, after a very large trading loss in order to balance the books sold of the staff pension fund, further indications are '05 results will be a repeat of the previous year! SONY stands on the brink of an abyss of it’s own creation! Go for it EFF, sink these scum who thought they were above and beyond the law!, into a sea of red ink of self creation.:X

The RIAA should be sued as well, since they openly support this SONY mess. These organizations who ride above the law because they have paid people off in every jurisdiction of the law and courts. Go watch the documentary “The Corporation” and you will see why.

about time… the only way to DRM a cd, seems to be to illegally install DRM software to your computer. Its bullshit, and its good to see someone has the wallet and nerve to get back at the music industry. Theres no way in hell any company should be allowed to automatically install software without the knowledge of the computer users. Just because the poor bastard left auto-insert on, doesn’t mean you can put shit on his computer.

Too bad the whole RIAA arn’t getting sued. This law suit and the fact their suing everyone and their computer illeriate grandma’s is enough for me to stop buying music cd’s. Its enough for me to stop buying Sony’s products period. No wonder the RIAA is losing so much money. Now when their music sales start to deplete again I wonder what they will blame it on then?