EFF: Proposed DRM on JPEG images is a bad idea



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The EFF reports that JPEG images will likely get DRM to prevent copyright infringement.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/eff-proposed-drm-on-jpeg-images-is-a-bad-idea-77565/](http://www.myce.com/news/eff-proposed-drm-on-jpeg-images-is-a-bad-idea-77565/)

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even if that were to happen, ppl would just swap to a different format. gif, png anyone?


@Ch3vr0n: GIF and PING are both lossless formats, which means they will take a long time to download. Also, because most computers showed very few colors (if any) when Compuserve invented GIF format was invented. Therefore, there wasn’t much incentive to add hi-color support to the format, which is why it only supports 8-bit color (most JPEG and PNG files use 24-bit color), resulting in a serious loss of color quality.

Chances are, most users/websites simply won’t use the DRM-crippled standard, and will continue to use the older DRM-free standard. It will take more than a new format to get people to stop using what has been a defacto standard for more than twenty years. It will probably become as popular as JPEG2000. If you never heard of JPEG2000, there’s a reason for that: it just doesn’t have any major improvements over JPEG.

I’d like to see WebP images start to become popular, since these images are likely to have a better combination of low size and high quality. Also, there’s no DRM in WebP as far as I am aware. But, I realize that probably won’t happen.