EFF posts open letter to Sony on rootkit and MediaMax DRM

I just posted the article EFF posts open letter to Sony on rootkit and MediaMax DRM.

cdfree used our news submit to tell us that the EFF has gone public with it’s concerns over the aggressive DRM tactics that Sony has been employing, including the infamous rootkit and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11130-EFF-posts-open-letter-to-Sony-on-rootkit-and-MediaMax-DRM.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11130-EFF-posts-open-letter-to-Sony-on-rootkit-and-MediaMax-DRM.html)

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Since this was posted, Sony has announced they will recall all the cd’s from stores, and start a replacement program for those already bought.

They sure did! We just posted the USA Today story thanks to your reaction! :X

Hmm, freedom to tinker web site has new revelations regarding the buggy uninstaller supplied by F4i creates an additional exploitable security hole in all infected systems as it decloaks and reinstalls the DRM! But I feel since SONY started pressing these infectious audio cd’s sometime in january/ february this year , as Mr Gilliat-Smith @ f4i stated initially this product was on public retail sale 10 month’s prior to Mark going public, the number 2 million seems to be on the very low side! Further, the recall/replacement is merely a response to mitigate and limit the damages bill from the current class action in progress in california. Still 2 million plus cases of criminal trespass, should earn 30 years hard time in the big house in the new Alcatraz, for authorising this illegal activity!:r

And they wonder where their losses come from?!! Recalling 2 million CD’s = how much lost money??

I just want to know: where and to whom do I send my invoice for time/labour and lost productivity for having to reformat and reinstall my systems. I think Sony is liable for these costs… Anyone have any links I can send to? THanks

It states in their EULA when you put the CD in that they are only responsible for up to $5 in damages. Not worth the time to pursue it.