EFF petition to stop the RIAA suits



Did you signed the EFF petition to stop the RIAA suits?



I did. I doubt it will work or even phase the RIAA for that matter, but they deserve our support.


The family signed up for the Kazaa music-swapping service three months ago, and paid a $29.99 service charge.

Kazaa is free…is’nt it?:confused:


Originally posted by Xaio
Kazaa is free…is’nt it?:confused:
it’s just the ususal load of BS, which gives you an ad-free version and a tech support (big deal… fu£kers…)


I signed the petition. I doubt the RIAA cares, and I doubt most politicians care as Sony, Colombia, etc…can offer them alot more money than we voters can.

Of course, we could vote them all out…but we americans are stupid and get choices of loser #1 or loser #2. It is a lose/lose situation.

The fact is, the state of affairs in American politics is F’d up.

Don’t vote for the major parties and see what happens.