EFF petition collected over 22,000 names only needed 10,000



I just posted the article EFF petition collected over 22,000 names only needed 10,000.

Just a quick note to update an earlier article submitted by taddzilla. A couple days ago, the Electronic Frontier Foundation posted a petition in order to represent…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6659-EFF-petition-collected-over-22000-names-only-needed-10000.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6659-EFF-petition-collected-over-22000-names-only-needed-10000.html)

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I’m utterly shocked to think that this many individual people have signed. What is this world coming to? Why won’t you people just let the RIAA have their way? Roll over! Play dead! :d


Lets see here… 22 , 000 people x av price of cd $ 15 x av purchase 2 cds a year…thats er…thats umm…thats a shitpile of munny the RIAA are dipping out on…:X


Correction, 29,000+ sigs now.


It is over 35,000 signatures now. KMA RIAA :d


Even though this seems like great news, I have question about this though. Wouldn’t the authenticity of the signatures be subjected to scrutiny? Seeing as they’re obtained over the internet and there’s no way to keep someone from signing it as many times as they want.


Greatwolf-each “signature” has several required fields with an asterisk, including email address physical address etc. Everything but your jock size. EFF has hopefully gotten the procedure for a properly filled out petition form from Washington. That way if it is contested they can verify the names I guess.