EFF creates petition against RIAA lawsuits for Congress



I just posted the article EFF creates petition against RIAA lawsuits for Congress.

neo1918 used our news submit to tell us "Make a difference and sign the petition. Then get your firends to sign it. The EFF wants 100,000 signatures, but imagine how cool it would be if…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11767-EFF-creates-petition-against-RIAA-lawsuits-for-Congress.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11767-EFF-creates-petition-against-RIAA-lawsuits-for-Congress.html)

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I’m all for this but the petition only allows for US citizens to sign. The reach of the RIAA goes beyond the shores of the US so this does affect citizens from many other countries.


Congress will only listen to US citizens --they’re the only ones who vote. Start a branch of the EFF in your own country, that petitions your own lawmakers against whichever organization (CRIA, IFPI, etc.) does what the RIAA does here in the US. It’s your best option.


Sign the petition, become a target, no thanks…not that I don’t fully support this, but I cannot in any way put myself out there for the RIAA to take a shot at me. The very best way to change this is to reach the ARTISTS with the message that they will get none of your money as long as the RIAA continues to victimize their fans. Know RIAA? = No Fans! :r


Dont post much but I just had to when I read this post. What a moronic thing to say. It’s idiots like you that are the reason they get away with this stuff. Always have an idea of how to put an end to it but when someone actually puts forward a valid idea that could work, as usual you are too chicken and cowardly (not to mention stupid) to sign and back them. Can just imagine you in a revolution hiding in a small cellar 300 miles behind the front lines telling your fellow men to charge! They cant and wont sue 85,000 people not to mention the fact that saying you think something like this is stupid doesn’t in any way shape or form mean you’ve done or will do something illegal. It simply means you think their practises and method of working is completely ridiculas!!


Stupid? LOL! E-petitions are meaningless and a waste of time as they carry zero weight with our elected officials…votes and $$$ are what gets things done. Vote for those that might actually support consumers’ rights and stop paying the entertainment industry to screw you over. If you want to send petitions, send them to those that might actually care…the artists themselves…since we are their livelyhood, they should be the most willing to do whats needed to keep selling their product.


The problem is that when it comes tort “reform”, Congress will only support it if it’s designed to protect the special interests like the NRA, DOW Chemical, ENRON, etc … but when it comes to special interests suing individuals being the individual’s pay, this same government will either take a hands-off approach or, like they did in the past, support more punitive legislation against the consumer. It’s a lose-lose situation all the way given that our government has turned too Machievellian to the point that those with the biggest money bags are deemed the winners who pull themselves up by their bootstraps the most whereas the rest of us are deemed the losers who are labelled too lazy and ripe for total persecution no matter how hard we work and no matter how honestly we do it. George Lakoff’s best seller “Don’t Think of an Elephant!” and Thomas Frank’s “One Market Under God” shed light on the makeup of this destructive behavior and I strongly recommend it if we are to understand and reframe and take back our freedom and privacy rights once and for all.
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