EFF: AACS will not stop piracy-just unexpected innovation

I just posted the article EFF: AACS will not stop piracy-just unexpected innovation.

 This is  kind of an interesting article. We have the Electronic Frontier Foundations take  on AACS or Advanced Access Content System. they not only think it is going to be  ineffective against...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11741-EFF-AACS-will-not-stop-piracy-just-unexpected-innovation.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11741-EFF-AACS-will-not-stop-piracy-just-unexpected-innovation.html)

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It is amazing to me how hard the entertaiment industry is working to ensure as few people as possible embrace their newest product line. Between the cost, competing formats, and industry control over our personally owned entertainment hardware and software, why would anyone want to buy any of this stuff? And, it won’t stop smart, creative, determined folks from getting around all this stuff anyway. What a waste.

I am sticking to VHS and not supporting ANY new technology that invades my privacy and restricts my fair bloody use rights!

Content protection such as this requires what is known as “buy-in”… the consumers have to purchase something new in order to use it. History shows this has worked – Beta, VHS, iPod, and other success examples – but there are far more failures out there, like DivX and UMD. A product has to be THAT exciting that people would want to plunk down the buckage for its special flavor. And the more restrictive a toy is, the fewer consumers want to use it.

There is absolutely nothing exciting and “must have” about a DRM solution. Quite the contrary, I should think.

Backyard defense strategy No one will use my playground just because he wants…I’m the one to dictate the rules…new boys in the block?..No way, unless we say yes you can also play!

Ah! don’t take it wrong - everything is done for the sake of competition, free initiative and all the other bla,blas.

Don’t like the idee that they chances my firmware with all flash risks. What if my player die’s because of a bad flashing, Does they give me a new one for free? They must stop this now, again wil the legal buyers get the big problems.

Hmmm… Well, for those worrying about a bad update to the Flash, it looks like you may be able to just backup your firmware anyway in the new Toshiba players. It is put into a small daughterboard that hooks up to USB just like a jump drive! http://geekswithblogs.net/lorint/archive/2006/04/21/75795.aspx

Boycott HD!!! They’re trying to limit fair use? we’ll limit their profits! http://writersblocklive.com/boycott/