EEPROM patch for LDW 811S?

Hi there,

I always get just average results when I burn DVDs with firmware DR8HS0P.

Especially the PI8 values are quite high (for instance around 600 with RICOHJPNR01). The 411@811 values -with Zebra patch v4- published here are much better.

I know that the quality differs from batch to batch and that checking with KProbe and a 811S seems to produce more
negativ values. (How much more?)

But anyway, I’m curious:

Is it possible to patch the EEPROM of the 811S with the zebra file?
Makes it sense?


AFAIK the zebra patch doesn’t change writing strategy. So you wouldn’t get better burns.


If the discs work, then don’t waste your time worrying about KProbe scans.