Eeprom for LTC-48161H needed

I really need LTC-48161H eeprom file (combo drive). I accidentally overwrote my LTC-48161H eeprom with the other eeprom drive.

If anyone have it, please sent it to my email, Thanks

Ps: its eeprom file, not firmware. Thanks.

:a :a :cop: :cop: :frowning: :frowning:

Not again! Another one doing things he should not do!!! EEPROM should NEVER be touched in ANY drive!!! ltnflash should never been released with EEPROM support, that is the biggest mistake in the Lite-On world so far…

And I hope it’s clear for you that an EEPROM file from another drive is most likely incompatible with your drive and may cause low write quality among other things… as the EEPROM is different in EVERY drive!!!

Anyway I’ll see what I could do tomorrow…