Eeprom - Firmware, what is the difference?

Hi all, I apologise if this has been asked before but I have been searching for the answers for a few days now.

I have read volumes on flashing, backing up, individualality of each eeprom etc. but I cannot work out what the difference is between firmware, and eeprom, apart from the obvious that one is code and the other is a chip.

These terms seem to be used almost interchangably.

I understand that I can update firmware easily using manuafacturers distributed files, this will generally give me improved reliability of burns etc.

I understand MTKFLASH better now too and have mastered backing up and restoring stuff from basic dos. (what am I backing up here, Eeprom or firmware?)

I am told not to touch the eeprom and this seems to be different to the firmware…any links, advice to help me understand this?


The EEPROM is not meant to be messed with or changed at all after the time of manufacture. It contains 1kb of “optimal power calibration” data that is used to tell the drive how much power it should use to burn.
Firmware is the term used to describe the flash memory on the drive that is meant to be updated.
Mtkflash has nothing at all to do with the EEPROM.

Once again thanks for the quick response, I was concerned that I may have messed with the eeprom unknowingly by using mtkflash.

My 451 seems to have survived its transplanted “firmware” as I now see it, and is running fine.



i have questions on this too.

isnt the part we program and backup in the eeprom?

it is the same chip isnt it?

are we just saving and restoring a certain section in the eeprom?

how do we do a full backup and restore of the eeprom?

im not using my burner for burning cds…i want to use it as a programmer for the sst39vf040 chip and the winbond chip wc290…i forget

my drives are both liteons
1st = 52327s
2nd = 48246s

what would be the mtkflash commands to get the whole eeprom data
is that with the /FULL option?

one more thing when i backup both my firmwares and run then im a hex editor called ultraedit compare they show “OFFSET = NA” and "LENGTH = NA"
why is this…when i load other firmwares from different devices this shows the offset and the length.