EEPROM data change after updating f/w?




I’m going to update my LH-18A1H@HL01 to HL05 and wonder if i need to backup my eeprom data before the action?
What happens if I don’t backup it? Can the data stored in eeprom change in a negative way after the f/w update?

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you need only Backup your EEPROM if you crossflash the drive.
A Simple Firmware-Upgrade never need an EEPROM Backup.


hmm, why is it so important to have a backup when crossflashing? Can’t you just reflash it back to the old firmware if something goes wrong?


Die EEPROM have some specific calibration data. This data are only for this special drive.

You should Backup and convert it if you crossflash.


So you mean that the EEPROM data is not included in the firmware-update-file, and therefore can’t be changed when updating the firmware?


Yes. And this is a good thing, as the EEProm data are unique for each drive. Making a backup of these is just for security reasons.



yes, I don’t know if all Parts are fixed but some parts yes. C0deking know more about EEPROM.


thx guys. you have helped me alot :smiley:
just one more thing though :stuck_out_tongue:
how do the manufacturer know that you’ve flashed/crossflashed the drive, since you can reflash it back :S?